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Hodge Products Hay Chec® Forage Sampling Probe Tube


The Hay Chec® Advantage

Hay Chec® is the ideal manual push-type forage sampling probe to aid in Agronomy.

As indicated in the Hay Chec® Features, the materials used in Hay Chec® manufacturing are the highest quality of any manual push-type hay probe forage sampling equipment on the market.

The Hay Chec® Needle features a tapered cutting edge, as opposed to the common replaceable serrated cutting tip seen on most hay probes, the Hay Check® tapered cutting edge is the result of refinement through experience for the perfect angle and length that would result in a seamless penetration of the bale allowing the sample material to pass freely through the probe tube and prevent blockage.

The threaded tube bottom on the Hay Chec® Needle allows the probe tube to be easily replaced if bent or broken. With adequate care taken, after years of Hay Chec® use, this also affords the opportunity for your Hay Check® Needle to be sent back to the factory to be re-tapered so that it can provide many more years of reliable service.

The Hay Check® Needle internal diameter is appropriately sized between 0.375in (9.525mm) and 0.75in (19.05mm) to produce a standardized size diameter and length core sample of hay or forage as stipulated by Hay Sampling Protocols in the Hay Sampling Certification Program.

The Hay Chec® Needle length will provide consistent sample lengths to help ensure reliability throughout the lab testing process of the collected samples.

The base of the Hay Chec® Body is intentionally constructed to be heavier to created better balance and momentum during the sampling procedure.

The Hay Chec® Handles with Grips are appropriately sized to permit a firm grasp of the hay probe allowing proper technique, following Hay Sampling Protocol, when taking random core samples for testing.

Once filled with a forage sample, the Hay Chec® Collection Jar can be unscrewed from the Hay Chec® Body and capped with the mason-jar threaded lid to preserve the hay sample. Another collection jar can then be screwed onto the Hay Chec® Body for the next sample. Unlike other forage sampling probes that use bags, which can tear, the Hay Chec® Collection Jars will keep your hay samples safe and uncompromised all the way to the forage sample testing labs.

Best of all, because Hay Chec® is a manual push-type hay probe, no power source is required. This will allow you to collect you forage samples unencumbered by dead batteries or any other electrical needs.

Product Specifications

Body Weight (lbs) 7.75
Body Weight (g) 3515.341
Length (in) 21.75
Length (cm) 55.245